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Hi, I am Kunle Ajayi

Ok, you already know my name I guess…Kunle Ajayi. Well the name in full is: Ajayi Adekunle Opeyemi. I am a young enthusiast, dedicated to helping people. A graduate of Computer Science, love the digital space the World is becoming and desired to be a technopreneur at a very young age. I to a family of 5 (3 Children), Grace made me to be the first born (huh (cough)…I meant the first son)

My tech journey started not quite long, when I created my first blog in the year 2005 (14 years old then)…I became obsessed with the internet that I spent most of my time and money on it.

Went ahead to Study Computer Science in the college believing the field is the best to become the best in the industry…I was shocked it’s not so

Then I take matters into my hand, to develop myself and be the man I want to be. Cutting the whole story short, overtime, I taught myself web design and development. I major in Web development, Desktop Apps and Native App: Mobile App (Android, Windows, and iPhone)

A big thank you to YouTube, Udemy, Tutorials Point, edX, Simplilearn, Google developers training, Coursera, APPCODE, Raywenderlich, Offline & Online Meetups etc

I now run a site (CMSFolks) where I teach WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Blogging Tips & Tools for individuals and small business..

You can hire me for your next project. Check out my portfolio 


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What I do for Healthy Biz and Individuals?

  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Writing and Marketing
  • Leads Generation and Email Marketing
  • Digital Asset managment
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