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I’m a mission to level the playing field for small businesses and Individuals.  People read my blog (CMSFolks.com) every year to grow their website traffic, sales, and conversions!

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What About ME: My Story

But, how could you live and have no story to tell. Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning. Tell my story. Make some light.

What I Do for A Living?

I’m a web designer and App developer (Desktop, Native, Mobile, and Cloud App). I write How to Blog on CMSFolks.com, a website for anyone who want to learn WordPress, Joomla, Drupa and other CMS (Content Management Softwares), Blogging tutorials are also available.

Web App Dev

Awesome UI Design for Small Businesses and Individuals

Content Writing & Marketing

Great Content with the right Marketing brings Sales and Leads

Email Marketing

Having leads isn't enough, but taking full advantage of your leads brings sales

How to Tech

Learning how to Teach is the future of business model for everyone

What People Are Saying

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My Latest Blog Posts

My personal blog is focused on sharing my journey and experiences including lessons learned, mistakes made, and big-wins!

Top 14 Financial Service Website Designs in 2019

Reading Time: 10 minutes [ad_1] When it comes to comparing online services, we’ll tend to make our judgements based on the content and overall design of the site. Ensuring a clear and user-friendly design when promoting your financial service website is what leads potential clients to choose your products over...

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Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes [ad_1] Template #1: The How-to Video The How-to Video is just like it sounds… It’s a video that shows someone how to do something, like bake a cake or do a pushup. For many businesses, how-to videos will be your bread-and-butter. In fact, how-to videos are...

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How to Write a Press Release: The Definitive Guide

How to Write a Press Release: The Definitive Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes [ad_1] Does Press Release Distribution Help With SEO? Last year Google said that links in press releases are “ignored”. And I tend to believe them. First off, most legit press release services use nofollow or redirected links. Plus, even if those links did count, it looks...

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